Epoch One

Epoch 1 (1,735,500 COQWIF, or 2.5% of total supply)

To be included in the snapshot, holders had to have at least $10 worth of the token and not have their tokens staked in a contract (unless specified otherwise). Depending on the project, the airdrop will be distributed equally among all holders or proportional to their holdings.

Above Average Coqdrop (5% total, or 86,775 COQWIF)

These projects have a place in our hearts because of their influence and impact on Avalanche. Each project will receive a different allocation, amounting to a total of 5% of the epoch 1 airdrop. Kimbro NFTs (1.33% of total, or 23,137.68 tokens) LIVE Roostr NFTs (TBD) More Projects To be Announced - Twitter Polls on the Way.

Big Coqdrop (4% each, or 69,420 COQWIF)

These projects are very relevant in the Avalanche sphere today or had a lasting influence in the Coqsphere. Each of them will receive an allocation of 69,420 COQWIF, equivalent to 4% of the Phase 1 airdrop allocation. Husky (LIVE) Kimbo (LIVE) Chikn NFTs (LIVE) Landwolf NOCHILL DefiKingdoms Penguin Finance Avax Validators

Huge Coqdrop (24% total, or 416,520 COQWIF)

Huge coqqers are the main exchanges in Avalanche. Without them we wouldn't be able to trade COQWIF with ease. Pangolin holders will receive a total of 156,195 tokens, whilst Trader Joe holders will receive 260,325 tokens in total, split between JOE and sjOE. 9% Pangolin (PNG) 15% Trader Joe (10% JOE, 5% sJOE)

Monster Coqdrop (35% total, or 607,425 tokens)

This is the biggest allocation, and for good reason. Most hats don't fit a Coq Inu holder. They're simply too big.

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