Coqdrops (Community Airdrops)

Cloudy with a chance of Coq and balls.

Coqdrops are both tokens of appreciation and invitations to communities we know and love. The goal with these airdrops is to attract new holders and to distribute COQWIF tokens as fairly as possible. Every community that receives a Coqdrop has been carefully selected based on multiple factors, including: how many holders the token has, how the token was distributed, their impact on the Avalanche community as a whole, etc. The total airdrop allocation is 5% of the COQWIF supply, or 3,471,000 tokens. This 5% airdrop allocation will be divided into 2 phases, with each phase consisting of half of the airdrop allocation, or 2.5% of the total supply. Phase 1 will begin on April 2nd along with the COQWIF presale. If you want to view which airdrops are live at the moment, click here. If you'd like to claim your Coqdrop without connecting your wallet to the app, join our Discord and send us any eligible addresses under the Coqdrop claim channel to receive an airdrop directly to your wallet.

The following list outlines the distribution of the Phase 1 Coqdrop.

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